Denis Darzacq

Exposition : Resilientes
Centre d’art contemporain de Canarias, Espagne
Du 10 novembre 2023 au 5 janvier 2024

As adaptation to adverse situations and the capacity of bodies to return to their initial state after a state of disturbance or subjugation, the call for Resilience could be understood within a flexible capitalism eager for bodies at full capacity. The multitasking logic of today’s work brings us closer and closer to the figure of the acrobat who defies gravity in their ability to adapt to any position, however impossible it may be. Photography has been particularly attentive to these new bodily registers, especially through the expression of the flexibility commonly associated with the female body, as in many of the works that shown in this exhibition, selected by an open call for entries for the 17 th Tenerife Photo Biennial Fotonoviembre 2023. But photography is also a relevant field to address this question if we consider that photography professionals are very often compelled to combine their artistic work with jobs in other sectors of photography, as is the case of the audiovisual industry, currently booming in the Canary Islands.

“It is fortuitous that photographer Denis Darzacq has developed a whole line of works on levitating bodies that represent consumers at supermarkets or shopping centers, since capitalism is configured on the paradigm of volatility, as Marx summed up fabulously in the watchworld “All that is solid melts into air”. However, it might have been post-Fordism and the current immaterial culture that have taken the idea of volatility to its very extreme, since market and financial values are more than ever volatile assets, just as worker’s contracts , migrants’ rights, town planning, fashion, and even emotional relations. Similarly, Denis Darzacq has recently made a whole series of photographs, videos or “photographic objects” through which he goes over some kind of disjointed, twisted and overlapped corporeality, as in the case of La Frise (2022), that we find in this exhibition.